This is my second sprayer set after my first one from a different vendor sprung a leak. The material seems of high quality (at least better than the first one I got). The internal reinforced tubing makes me feel a tad better about my purchase since that’s where my previous unit spring the leak from.

Efficient Hygiene – bring your bathroom into the 21st century with a toilet hose bidet attachment

Super Easy To Install…. No Plumber Required. Made from 304 stainless steel for long lasting durability


Toilet Sprayer | Hand Held Bidet | Hand Bidet Spray

Fits To All Types & Sizes Of Toilet


A Variety Of Options to Choose From

(18 customer reviews)


3 DAY JULY SUPER SALE … Don’t Miss Out

 The handheld bidet not only works as a cloth diaper sprayer, pet shower, car wash gun, baby bathing shower, toilet sprayer washer, hygienic sprayer.

Suitable for anyone with limited mobility due to surgery, arthritis, postpartum or injuries, ideal for elderly adults. A great cleaning bidet sprayer kit for the whole family.


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Quick & Easy To Install - no plumber required

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The elegant and ergonomic hand bidet sprayer is simple to use and offers several mounting options for easy installation in any bathroom.

The stainless steel T-valve offers full pressure and spray type adjustability and complete water shutoff for safety.

The extra-long flexible braided hose makes the this handheld bidet one of the most reliable bidet sprayers on the market.

Buy the hand-held bidet (diaper sprayer / shattaf) for every bathroom enabling the entire family to benefit from a fresh clean bathroom experience.



Better Personal Hygiene

The bidet for toilet is the best choice for bottom cleaning to improve personal hygiene, especially for women pregnancy and menstrual cycles. Hand Held Bidet Sprayer’s one-hand ergonomic design allows you easier to clean your front or back, which is more hygienic than using toilet paper.


Multiple Uses

The handheld bidet not only works as a cloth diaper sprayer, pet shower, car wash gun, flowers Sprayer, baby bathing shower,toilet sprayer washer, hygienic sprayer, especially for anyone with limited mobility due to surgery, arthritis, postpartum or injuries, ideal for elderly adults.A great cleaning bidet sprayer kit for A whole family.

Two Installation Methods

1. ONTO TOILET INSTALLATION – Just hook bidet sprayer holder to your toilet tank, save your bathroom space and tools for drilling holes.

2. WALL MOUNT INSTALLATION – Available to supply other multiple use according to your varies requirement, such as pet shower, car washer, flower sprayer, baby shower.


Water Pressure Control

It meets multiple use through adjusting water pressure of bidet sprayer from gentle spray to jet spray.Gentle press mode for feminine bottom cleaning or baby bath or pet bath washing. Jet spray for rinsing floor or carpets or baby cloth diapers.

Premium Quality Parts & Healthy

Superior brushed finish for rust-proof, anti-corrosion is easier to maintain and operate.The bidet attachment set consists of a 304 stainless steel bidet nozzle, a stainless steel hose and a brass valve to ensure durability. All components of the bidet sprayer kit are in top premium material ensure long lasting durability
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Many people refer to this bidet toilet attachment as a beday, bidget, biday, bedet, badae, bedais, bade, bede, bidett, bidette, boude, bude, buday, ba day, bday, badai, bi day, bidaai, bidea, bideau, bodae, bouday, buday, buhday, booday, bedit, bidae, videt, biddet, bidee or baday toilet.

No matter how you spell it, we want you to know you’ve found the premier stainless steel hand bidet toilet kit here

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Happy Health

Flush haemorrhoids, anal fissures and painful urinary tract infections down the drain.

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Happy Planet

Toilet paper alone accounts for 15% of deforestation. And that’s just the trees. Switching to a bidet might be a great step in reducing your ecological footprint.
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Happy Wallet

The average person spends $150+ on toilet paper each year. Your investment in a bidet pays itself back in just a few months.
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What are the key advantages of using a Toilet Sprayer?
A Toilet Sprayer offers improved hygiene, reduced toilet paper consumption, and a more refreshing cleansing experience.
How does a Hand-Held Bidet differ from traditional bidets?
A Hand-Held Bidet provides the convenience of a bidet without requiring a separate fixture, making it a cost-effective and space-saving choice.
What makes a Hand Bidet Spray a popular choice for personal hygiene?
A Hand Bidet Spray is favored for its ease of use, adjustable water pressure, and effectiveness in maintaining personal hygiene.
Is a Toilet Sprayer easy to install on existing toilets?
Yes, a Toilet Sprayer is a DIY-friendly addition to your toilet, typically requiring minimal tools and effort for installation.
Can a Hand-Held Bidet be adjusted to suit different users' preferences?
Yes, most Hand-Held Bidets offer adjustable spray pressure and nozzle angles for a personalized cleansing experience.
Is a Hand Bidet Spray suitable for sensitive skin?
Absolutely! A Hand Bidet Spray is gentle on sensitive skin and provides a soothing alternative to rough toilet paper.
How does a Toilet Sprayer contribute to environmental sustainability?
A Toilet Sprayer reduces toilet paper waste, helping conserve resources and decrease your carbon footprint.
Can a Hand-Held Bidet be used for cloth diaper cleaning?
Yes, a Hand-Held Bidet is an excellent choice for cloth diaper rinsing, simplifying the diaper cleaning process.
Are Hand Bidet Sprays equipped with water temperature controls?
Some Hand Bidet Sprays have temperature control options, allowing you to adjust the water to your desired warmth.
Does using a Toilet Sprayer increase water consumption?
No, a Toilet Sprayer uses significantly less water than flushing toilet paper, making it an eco-friendly choice.
Can a Hand-Held Bidet be installed in homes with limited bathroom space?
Yes, Hand-Held Bidets are compact and ideal for bathrooms with limited space, providing an excellent personal hygiene solution.
Are Hand Bidet Sprays easy to use for people of all ages?
Yes, Hand Bidet Sprays are user-friendly and suitable for individuals of all ages, from children to the elderly.
Do Toilet Sprayers come with a warranty for quality assurance?
Many Toilet Sprayers are backed by warranties, ensuring their durability and performance.
Can a Hand-Held Bidet be used for feminine hygiene?
Yes, Hand-Held Bidets are versatile and an excellent choice for feminine hygiene needs.
Are Hand Bidet Sprays compatible with most standard toilet fixtures?
Yes, Hand Bidet Sprays are designed to fit the majority of standard toilets, making them a convenient addition to your bathroom.
How do Toilet Sprayers help individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities?
Toilet Sprayers provide independence and improved hygiene for individuals with mobility issues, enhancing their daily routine.
Can a Hand-Held Bidet be used for postpartum care?
Yes, a Hand-Held Bidet is an excellent choice for postpartum care, offering gentle and effective cleansing.
Are Hand Bidet Sprays designed to resist corrosion and ensure long-term use?
Many Hand Bidet Sprays are constructed from durable materials, making them corrosion-resistant for lasting performance.
Can a Toilet Sprayer be easily removed if needed?
Yes, Toilet Sprayers can typically be removed without causing damage to your toilet, providing flexibility.
How do Hand-Held Bidets contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future?
Hand-Held Bidets reduce the environmental impact by reducing toilet paper usage and minimizing waste, aligning with eco-conscious living.
Other bidet sprayers require you to turn off the water supply to them after each use to prevent damage and flooding. Is it true for this one?

Not required, but is recommended out of caution. You are able to turn off the main valves when not in use.

If I install this in a rental apartment, will I be able to remove it later so my landlord doesn't notice (toilet functions without sprayer as before)?

Yes you can….. it won’t damage any mechanical structure of your toilet or pipes if you install properly.

Is this hose very flexible ?

Yes it is it’s as flexible

What’s the t valve size?

The fitting size is ½ inch, which is a standard size for the toilet related fittings.

Can the water pressure be controlled?

Yes, you can use the control on the water diverter and the handle on the hose allows you to control it also.

Can I purchase just the sprayer to have a spare for the future?

Yes ….you are able to purchase to sprayer only if/when required

The Ultimate Hygiene Upgrade: Exploring the Benefits of the Toilet Sprayer

In the quest for enhanced personal hygiene and environmental sustainability, the Toilet Sprayer, often referred to as a Hand Held Bidet or Hand Bidet Spray, has emerged as a game-changing bathroom fixture. This versatile and practical tool offers numerous benefits for your personal cleanliness, comfort, and eco-conscious lifestyle. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of toilet sprayers, their advantages, and why they’re becoming a must-have addition to modern bathrooms.

1. The Toilet Sprayer Unveiled:

A Toilet Sprayer, also known as a Hand Held Bidet or Hand Bidet Spray, is a handheld nozzle or spray system that attaches to your toilet for the purpose of personal cleansing after using the restroom. It provides a gentle, adjustable stream of water, effectively replacing the need for toilet paper in many situations.

2. Benefits of Using a Hand Held Bidet:

a. Enhanced Personal Hygiene: The gentle spray of water is more effective at cleaning than toilet paper, leaving you feeling fresh and hygienic.

b. Reduced Environmental Impact: By using less or even eliminating toilet paper, you contribute to reduced paper waste, helping the environment.

c. Cost-Effective: Over time, a toilet sprayer can save you money on toilet paper, making it a cost-effective investment.

d. Universal Applicability: Toilet sprayers are suitable for people of all ages and are particularly useful for individuals with mobility issues or those who require assistance with personal hygiene.

e. Easy Installation: Most toilet sprayers can be easily installed without the need for professional plumbing services.

3. Types of Toilet Sprayers:

Toilet sprayers come in various types and designs, providing options to suit different preferences and needs:

a. Hand Held Bidet Sprayers: These sprayers are attached to a flexible hose and can be maneuvered by hand for personalized cleansing.

b. Bidet Toilet Seat Attachments: Some toilet seats come with built-in bidet functions, providing a hands-free cleansing experience.

c. Handheld Sprayer Attachments: These kits allow you to convert your existing toilet into a bidet with the addition of a handheld sprayer.

d. Travel Bidets: Compact and portable, these are designed for on-the-go use, ensuring cleanliness wherever you are.

e. Non-Electric Bidets: These eco-friendly options use water pressure for cleansing, eliminating the need for electricity.

4. How to Choose the Best Hand Bidet Spray:

Selecting the perfect toilet sprayer involves considering a few key factors:

a. Budget: Determine how much you’re willing to invest in a toilet sprayer, as prices can vary.

b. Attachment Type: Decide whether you want a handheld sprayer, a seat attachment, or a handheld attachment.

c. Installation: Consider your comfort level with installation. Some sprayers may require professional installation, while others can be easily set up by the user.

d. Water Pressure and Flow Control: Ensure the sprayer has adjustable pressure settings to meet your comfort and cleansing needs.

e. Durability and Quality: Read reviews and choose a reputable brand to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting product.

5. Conclusion: Elevating Your Bathroom Experience

The Toilet Sprayer, also known as a Hand Held Bidet or Hand Bidet Spray, is revolutionizing personal hygiene while promoting eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. It offers a range of benefits, from superior cleanliness to a reduced environmental impact. By making the switch to a toilet sprayer, you not only enhance your personal hygiene but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. So, consider adding this innovative bathroom fixture to your home, and experience the superior level of cleanliness and comfort it provides.

18 reviews for Toilet Sprayer | Hand Held Bidet | Hand Bidet Spray

  1. Sarimah

    This is such a well made diaper sprayer! I used a different one for over two years and the quality and performance just does not compare! Plus it’s only $10 more than what I paid for my old one.

  2. Tiane

    This bidet sprayer is great. We had been using bidet sprayer for a while. And our older bidet spryer works great as well. But recently we moved from 1 bath to 2 bath condo. And I initially searched for the same brand, but was that wasn’t in stock. Then I just sorted the results in decending order of customer ratings. Found this product right on the top. With many positive reviews, appreciating for build quality, I ordered one.

  3. Joice

    Good product, does the job

  4. Lyndsie

    We were remodeling a bathroom and thought it was a great time to try it. The product arrived on time. We had it installed by the plumber just in case. Within 10 mins it was ready for use. The sprayer has quite a bit of force but you can gently depress the handle to slow it down. And since it’s pulling from the toilet tank the water is cold so takes some getting used to. But it’s also a fraction of the price compared to the electric units that heat water.

  5. Carl Peedell

    I fell in love with this product! The water pressure is easy to manage and it feels of good quality!

  6. Paula Stekla

    Perfect. My husband wasn’t around to help, but this was easy enough for me to follow directions and install. Directions were clear, it took me maybe 15 minutes… And that’s because I was also keeping a 14 month old away from the toilet. The sprayer is nice, because water pressure is adjustable, soft or high. I use this to spray off my son’s cloth diapers. I told my older kids they could use it as a bidet…lol. they screamed when they tried. Never thought about how cold the water is coming out of the tank. Soooooo… If you don’t like cold water sprayed on your bum…. maybe just stick to using it for diapers. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase.

  7. David Collins

    I had purchased a bidet toilet sprayer earlier since I believe using water is a far superior and cleaner method for cleaning one’s nether region, or at least one would use far less toilet paper. I purchased two more toilet sprayers for family members due to the toilet paper outage. I hope people will finally enter toilet civilization like Asians have done long before

  8. Wouter

    Stop the toilet paper buying frenzy. Try a spray bidet instead. Save waste. Also, you don’t need a fancy $200-$800 toilet seat bidet. If you ever traveled you will find that other countries, not just Japan, use bidets. I highly recommend the this Bidet Sprayer. It performs very well and does not leak – some other sprayers I tried do leak with time. It just takes a few minutes to install and is easy to do. You many need to replace the short metal tube from the water valve that is connected to the underside of the toilet tank, if you do not already have a flexible tube installed. That flexible tube would cost about another $7 and is available at your local hardware store, and is easy to install too. Buy a spray bidet and never worry about having enough toilet paper. You will feel cleaner too.

  9. Kevin Lanzon

    I have purchased several of these over the years for myself and for family. It’s so easy to install, excellent price and in my humble opinion way more hygenic then using toilet paper. I still do keep a roll of tp next to the toilet but I only rarely use it. I also have hemorroids and it’s a really good thing to use and keep clean if you too suffer from these.

  10. Gabby Darjani

    I wanted to get a bidet to try and be more environmentally conscious (buy less toilet paper wrapped in plastic) and also save money. I’ve heard of how hygienic bidets are as well, and after thinking about this potential purchase for a long time finally decided to get one and buy this particular model/style.

  11. Adam Reid

    So far so good. Installation was very simple and straight forward for the typical diy/ handyman type of person. Took no longer than 15 minutes to install.

  12. Alex

    This Bidet Sprayer is amazing. I originally bought it for when we had the baby and are doing cloth diapers. We installed it a couple weeks before I gave birth but had not planned on using it. First user was my husband, and he is now a convert to using the bidet for after his #2’s.

  13. Pookie

    I don’t know what I like the most about this spray bidet!! The product arrived on time and excellent condition. The instructions were complete and all the parts were included. I experimented a little to find the proper water pressure to use. After two days of using this sprayer I’m very satisfied with it.

  14. Matt London

    as described and fast delivery

  15. Martin Price


  16. Ron

    This is my second sprayer set after my first one from a different vendor sprung a leak. The material seems of high quality (at least better than the first one I got). The internal reinforced tubing makes me feel a tad better about my purchase since that’s where my previous unit spring the leak from.

    Overall this unit is pretty much the same as other units on the market but as mentioned before it does feel like the metal spring like outer hose and the reinforced inner tube is of better quality then some others I’ve seen.

  17. Peter

    Over the years I have installed three brands of well-reviewed bidet sprayers in various houses we have owned and no matter what I did every one of them leaked. So I gave up for awhile on having a bidet sprayer. I did successfully install a bidet attachment that sprays from beneath the toilet seat, but this was not only less satisfying (especially for a woman,) but turned out to be very difficult to clean. And I never did feel that a spray coming from behind was the most sanitary way of washing a woman’s private parts, anyway. So I left a bidet sprayer on my private wish list for a few more years, hoping to get the courage to someday try again. A recent review of my list coupled with a thoroughly reading of reviews finally led me to this sprayer. A silly name for a sprayer, but it had really good reviews that sounded legitimate. Long story short, I ordered one and installed it in less than 10 minutes. And, guess what? NO LEAKS!!! FINALLY! Having used this refreshing sprayer for over a week now, I plan to attach the holder bracket to the wall of my WC for easier access than the toilet tank option has been. The toilet tank holder has been fine and would be a great option for renters and others who do not want a wall installation, though, so its inclusion in the kit is appreciated. I appreciate even more the very high quality of every component of this sprayer set. A great deal of thought and consideration has obviously been put into its creation and that really sets this company apart from the others.Thanks for having such high standards 🙂

  18. Aria Finley

    I haven’t gotten to install it yet, but just feeling the quality I am so impressed! The hose especially feels super high quality. I love that teflon tape is included in this kit too. Super handy. Everything was packaged nicely and carefully, and with care for how much packaging was used.
    Super happy with my purchase!

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